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Eco Friendly Decorators in Brighton

One of today's best trends is eco friendly interior design in South London. Want to know what it really is? Next we're going to introduce its foundations and we're going to give you suggestions so you can make your house look according to its premises. If you really want your home to look gorgeous and take care of the environment at the very same time, then ecological décor is for you! Without a doubt you'll fall in love with the extensive decorative choices that it promises.

What is eco friendly decoration?


It's a trend in decoration that is focused on recycling, reuse and reduction. What's the point? Let's begin by looking step by step at each of these pillars:

  • Recycle - The basis of environmentally sound decoration is to avoid waste generation. It is therefore recommended that decorative elements be created based on bottles, jars, boxes and all those things we have at home. You can start making yourself such decorations, or purchase items made from recycled materials. They can be found at fairs nowadays, and even in handmade stores online.

  • Reuse - The second of its key elements advocates giving the objects a new life that would otherwise go to trash. The idea here is to renovate the furniture in order to make it what we need nowadays.

  • Reduce - Minimalism is definitely in terms with this trend as it reduces the use of decorative items. We know that decorating a home is impossible without buying absolutely anything but what we can do is reduce the amount. Besides that, it is strongly advised to always choose materials that do not damage the environment or the animal species of the planet, thus avoiding, for example, fur, coral or ivory.

we do the best eco friendly interior design South London

The Best Eco Friendly Decorators in Brighton

Eco-Friendly Decoration Ideas 

You and your creativity set the limits of ecological décor. Let your imagination take flight, get inspired and contemplate the objects you have in your home! Here are just a few easy ideas to implement:

  • Indoor Plants - They may be the principal decorative elements of this trend. They are to be found in all sizes and colours possible. They can be placed on the windows or even on the floor, as well as on the furniture or even wall decoration.

  • Dried Flowers - The big advantage of choosing dried flowers is they'll never end up dying! They will also give your home a romantic retro look which nobody can resist.

  • Lamps made with jars - Take the tomato jars or olives you have at home, wash them well then get to work! Make a hole in the middle of the bottle's lid, pass through the cable and screw the lamp into it. Close the jar, connect the cable to the power supply and switch the lights on. Simple! 

  • Dried leaves, pine cones and shells - To prepare your decorations, use holiday items or items from a walk in the park. You can make a collage with them, or simply place them inside a plate or tray decoratively.

  • Reuse an old suitcase - By becoming a flowerpot, a table, a bench or even a simple decorative element an old suitcase can have a new life.

Join the latest eco friendly decoration trend and attain a totally original and modern style in your residence. Recall that the best way to protect our planet is by recycling, reusing and reducing.


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