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We will speak to you about the minimalist aesthetic of interior decorating, as "Design and Decor Interior Studios London" and with the trained experience that characterizes us. Contemporary life has been permeated by the minimalist movement and is today positioned as one of the leading trends in interior design. With the incorporation of a few components, a very open space, or the use of light , color, structure, efficient spaces that express harmony are accomplished in a very sober and elegant way.


We focus on taking charge of the most timely specifics and evaluating the room in our work as design and decor interior studios in london and using minimalist and eco-friendly design concepts, so that the outcome is a space that meets the expectations desired and in line with current innovative designs.


It's indeed important to emphasize that we have a team of experts who are architectural project specialists who manage architecture and interior design in an integral way and satisfy our customers' requirements.


We should first establish what minimalism is before we get into the discussion and introduce you to what the minimalist style tips in interior design are.

Minimalism in Interior Design


Minimalism embraces space, materials and lighting in architecture as enough components to fill a room with content, that is thus characterized on the basis of the minimal use of resources, where even the arrangement of parts results in the whole. In both of its manifestations, minimalism still emphasizes simplicity.


The simple colors in the layout are some of the features of the minimalist aesthetic in interior design; the harmony, sobriety and beauty of the minimalist look are interpreted as calm, tranquilly and integrity.


The minimalism takes care of the detailed implementation of components; it is based on the understanding of the correct values of each component, such as texture , color, content , quality and temperature.


With the aforementioned ideas provided by the best design and decor interior studios in London, when designing minimalist spaces, we now present the most essential points.


Project the desired location.


It will be crucial for you to identify your lifestyle or practices and the activities you conduct on a daily basis so that the dialogue can flow with the designed space. Each detail will then be important: color combination, spatial characteristics, content, practical layout, light levels, etc. This first reading with the client will lead to the original proposal.

Establish the minimum conditions of comfort and arrangement of the functional space.


The room would be for your pleasure, so filling it with valuable content for you is vital. Similarly, the available space for each item must be specified such that the space does not look cluttered or messy; note that harmony and tranquilly are influenced by minimalism.

Take care of all the details of the space: light, texture, tonality, proportion.


A game of variations in harmony must be made from each of the characteristics of the area. In minimalism, each item is the protagonist and against all the warm tones that are typical in this type of décor, the sometimes strong color will be intimidating.

Include simplicity in each of the elements that define the space.


In minimalism, basic accent pieces are often quite popular; natural flowers, furniture made with natural materials such as timber or stone and, therefore, simple items that make the décor the most casual and stunning integration of the place when placed together in a room.

Define the spatial composition that results in a sophisticated and elegantly minimalist design.


Depending on its position, its color or the unique tone that the light gives it, each item must have a place to stand apart. We research the room with its precise dimensions as design and decor interior studios london, and we organize each component strategically placed to have the visibility and charm it needs. Every element is important in minimalism and no piece is out of place.


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